The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio (2024)

Piqua Daily Call. WEATHER AND CROP REPORT. System Representative, H. D. LaCoste, 38 Park Row, New York City.

PIQUA, 1898 REPUBLICAN' TICKETS. STATE TICKET. For Secretary of State, CHARLES KESTNEY. For Supreme Judge W. T.

SPEAR. For Clerk of Supreme Court, JOSIAH B. ALLEN. Works. For Congressman for 7th District WALTER L.

WEAVER. For Judge Second Judicial District, THEODORE SULLIVAN. COUNTY TICKET. For Auditor, J. T.

BARTMESS. For Recorder, C. MOORE. A PURE GRAPE CREAM OF TARTAR POWDER The Condition as it Has Existed Paring: the Past Rains Fell in Xearly All Parts of the State. The weather and crop report for the week ending with last Monday, has been issued.

It reads as follows Both the temperature and the precipitation have been above the normal throughout the State during the past week. The daily mean temperature for the northern section was 64.7, for the central, 66.8, and for the southern, 69.6 degrees. These means are in excess of the normal 3.8, 4,5, and 4.9 degrees for the section respectively. On the afternoon of the 24th a severe storm passed across the State causing heavy local rains and high winds. The correspondent at North Lewisburg, in Champaign reports 2 :20 inches of rain in 30 minutes, beginning at- 4 p.

m. on that day. The correspondent at Van Wert, in the county of that name, reports a severe storm with some hail and heavy wind, doing much damage to trees, buildings, fruit, etc. Newspaper clippings indicate serious damage at Toledo and Lima from high winds and in other parts of the State from high water. The rainfall has been well distributed over the State, the total amount being from one-half to three- fourths inch above the normal in each of the three sections.

The drought was getting severe in a few locations, but is now well broken. Grass fields and pastures have taken a new start and in most sections good fall feed is now assured. Stock is reported to be in good condition. The work of wheat seeding has been delay the sections where the heaviest moisture is very ben' a good stand of The early sown on that day to I is coming up in excellent shape. ITP! With the few exceptions noted in the contribute, each one, a penny, a frQm reports given beloWj the dime, for the purpose of erecting a matlired and or the most monument to Gen.

Lafayette during the pait in the shock. The crop is large, 1900. Our young sound, and well eared and is curing MUSIC FROM HEAVEN. CREAM BAKING For term) For Surveyor, J. W.

DOWLER. For Infirmary Director, FRANK BECK. Lafayette Day. A proclamation has just been issued hy the the on the school children of the country to cb-1 i a i to seed and serve October 19, as Lafayette Day. wheat is now assured.

They will be asked Awarded Highest Honors, World's Fair Gold -I -Jwinter Fair For Sale by mm THE HTJBBARD GKOOERY CO. INSECT HEAVY DRINKERS. are being harvested. The crop is less than the average, but is generally of good quality. Sweet po- Paris Exposition in historians will call to mind that the Surrender of Cornwaffis at Yorktown, the last battle of the Revolution, occur- red on this day, and that Gen.

Lafay- I a toes are. good and reported to be ette the friend of Washington, bore growing fast. a conspicuous part in that closing con- There late planted tobacco yet a conspicuous I to bp cut, but the harvest is generally test. 'completed and the yield is heavy. It is is for his distinguished service There are no reports damage in cur- that the children are to be asked to help ing erect a monument where now but a simple stone marks his resting place.

Butterflies Sit For Hours Sucking More Moisture Than Needed. By means of -a large number of observations Mr. J. W. Tutt is able to confirm what has been stated by other observers that certain butterflies and moths are very much addicted to drink.

In a paper published in the "proceedings" of the South London Entomological and Natural History society Mr. Tutt says there can be no doubt that butterflies-drink more than is required by their tissues tinder any possible con ditions. He has known Polyorumatus claraon to sit for more than an hour motionless except for the slight movement of sucking up and discharging the moisture almost continuously. What this internal bath may really mean cannot be surmised. Another im portant factor as to this drinking habit is a strange one, the "thirsty souls," as far as his observation goes, being almost entirely males.

Possibly if exaet observations could be made it might be found that females in small numbers also visit pools and streams for drinking purposes, but as far as Mr Tutt has been able to discover it is the males alone who indulge in these copious libations, while the females ars away layiug eggs. Moths and butterflies of both sexes visit sugar, overripe fruit and similar dainties, but they do so for food. The males alone seem to be attracted by pure water, and Mr. Tut-t suggests that, their extra activity having originally given them greater nee.c in this direction, a habit which was a first's necessity has become so pleasur able that excessive drinking has literal Charming German Method of Church Worshipers. While religious music will doubtless live as long as religion itself there is one branch of music it can be is luckily becoming ob- Kolete.

I refer to bells and chimes. 1 shall never forget the look of distress with which a famous organist puce said to me that -vheuever he beard a set chimes he wished he could put his ears in his pocket. In these days of $1 nickel watches bells are no longer needed co inform people when the service begins. They moreover, a decided nuisance, and often a dangerous one, for they have killed many invalids whose life depended upon a few hours' sleep, which the bells murdered. In New York bell ringing has been frequently stopped on account of complaints to the board of health.

If it seems desirable to have a means of summoning worshipers to church, why noc adopt the delightful old custom that is still observed in some sonth German villages and in the city of Stuttgart? There four trombone players ascend a church tower three times a day and play a solemn chorale. In all my musical experience I have never heard anything more thrilling than those majestic harmonies in the air, which seemed to come straight from heaven If our churches would adopt this custom and these celestial sounds became associated with religious experiences, they might arouse the dormant devotion of many a one who other wise would pass the church door LIFE IN THE ARCTIC. ADVENTURE AND EXPLORATION FRANZ-JOSEF LAND. Swenson Obeyed Instructions. It was in an aristocratic Hyde Park home.

The well trained English butler had left, and the newly engaged man, a Swede, was in process of breaking in. Callers came, and he took the cards tc dis mistress in his ungloved hands, leaving the silvei card tray resting quietly in the hall. "When you bring things in here, Sweuson," paid she, "use the tray. It is not proper to bring them in youi hands." he replied. Mrs.

H. Park had a nev? toy terrier. The guests wished to see it, and she sent for Swensou to fetch it. Soon there was a succession of staccato yelps and whines. The door opened, a very red faced Swenson appeared with the silver tray in his left hand anri a tiny dog terrier held firmly down on it with the Globe.

An Old Friend. A gentleman, while traveling What Col. William Jennings Bryan Says. "If you knew what it cost me to keep still, you would appreciate the strength of my 1 will." When asked if he would talk freely when he has once broken loose, he said: "You know how it is when a dam breaks. There is no telling when the fiood stops." Now it would appear from the above that CoL Bryan has been a spy iu the camp of Gen.

Lee. What has he seen? What does he know? Nothing about war, of course. He was in camp all the time. And, it would seem that he has been gathering things. He has had his eyes and ears open for evil, and when it is safe to speak out, the "dam will break and there will be no teUing when the flood will stop." He has been collecting things against the Administration, against Secretary Alger, and against the Conduct of the War, and he's going to tell it when he is mustered out.

Just then the dam will break and the flood will come. Would it not be a good thing for the Investigating Commission now sitting to get hold of the Colon el have him gay before he has in mind? There are very few apples in the State. Quinces are abundant. "Pears are a good crop. There are occasional reports-of rot or mildew on grapes, but generally the crop is large and of good quality.

With few exceptions garden crop? have been favorably affected by the weather. Vine crops are growing fast and indicate a large yield. Tomatoes are plentiful with a few reports of rot. As the season is about at an end, this will be the last bulletin issued by the department. More Solemn Still.

"It is a solemn thing," said the young man, "when a woman trusts a man with her affections. "It ain't as solemn, "said the man with the dry goods necktie, "as when she won't trust him with his owu Journal. Remarkable Rescue. Mrs. Michael Curtain, Plainfield, 111., makes the statement, that she caught cold, which settled on her was treated for a month by luugs; sh her family on 3 certain railway, got out at a station where the train stopped for a few minutes and entered the refreshment room His eyes resting on a basket containing buns, he suddeniy burst into tears.

The sympathetic attendant gently asked him what was the matter and elicited the following touching explanation: "Pray excuse my emotion. Two years ago I was traveling on this line on in? honeymoon. My wife car-ae into this refreshment room and scratched our initials on a bun '-rhich I see in this basket. I beg you to let me have it as a tender souvenir Here is half a dollar." York Ledger. Four Months of Solid Nisrlit Every Year Depress the Spirits and Murder Sleep Bear Fluctuations In tHe Temperature.

Life in the arctic is a serious matter, and one not to be lightly undertaken. Never to sleep in a bed for three years, or even in a as our prisoners merely a bagatelle, as the floor and a reindeer skin made a capital substitute. Looking back on the experience of 1,000 days spent in the most northerly inhabited hut in the for our quarters were on the eightieth degree north certainly think our greatest enemies were perpetual darkness and want of companionship For six men to be boxed up three years in a hut 20 feet long by 20 feet wide and only 7 feet high, never seeing any other being nor hearing a scrap of news, is a trying existence, yet I can unhesitatingly say no jollier or happier little party ever lived in northern latitudes. Four months of solid night every year has, however, a depressing effect not only on the spirits, but on the appetite, and it also destroys sleep. Morning, noon and night become unrerog nizable, merged into one endless gloom, and but for the welcome advent of the moon once a month, when the sky was sufficiently clear for us to enjoy rays, we lived in a blackness the dreariness of which is indescribable.

As the schoolboy counts the days to the holidays, so we counted the hours till the return of the sun, and even as the first rays became visible our spirits rose, and existence altogether wore a different complexion. Then exercise be came enjoyable, instead of that dreary daily trudge round a given circle in the dark. With the return of the light we felt new life and energy And yet the climate of Franz-Josef Land, even iu the spring, would not suit all tastes. For example, out of 55 days 1 sledging ending in May, 1897, Mr. Albert Armi tage and I enjoyed only tolerably clear days! Driving snow, wind and bitter cold were general, for, be it understood, in all these three years the thermometer never rose higher than 11 degrees above freezing point, and 70 to 80 degrees below that point was quite common.

They say eels get used to skinning. Well, we may have fairly got used to wind, mist and snow, buc we hardlj liked id Occasionally a bear hunt would givy us some diversion. I always allowed two or three dogs, which showed some aptitude for bear bunting, to run looso during the winter and had one dog, Nimrod, tied to a rough kennel just outside the hut. These dogs would get on the track of a bear on the floe and set up a barking. Nimrod would take up the chorus and thus let us what was going on.

One of mv men and I would then set A stitch in time Will save nine. Get yonr shoes repaired at our store. We have the best shoe repair man in the city, and we use nothing but the best of stock. We also put Perfection Circlelettes, free, in all shoes sold or repaired by us. Our prices are the lowest for good work and good stock.

Men's Shoes soled nailed Men's Shoes soled sewed Ladies' Shoes soled nailed Ladies' Shoes soled sewed Boys' Shoes soled nailed Children's Shoes Heels FOLK'S Low Priced Shoe Store. 327 Maiti St. Do You Wish to Gain Flesh Ninety per cent of our passengers gain from five to ten pounds on a trip to Mackinac. If you are run down, take a cruise up the Lakes. We guarantee your outing will benefit you.

The cost is within the reach of all. for illustrated pamphlet. A. A. SCHANTZ, G.

P. D. C. Steamers, The Coast Line, Detroit, Mich, Send 2 cents Address sumption and that no medicine could cure her. Her druggist suggested Dr.

King's Xew Discovery for Consumption she bought a bottle and to her delight found herself benefited from the first dose. She continued its use and after taking six bottles, found herself sound and well; now does her own housework, and is as well as she ever trial bottles of this Great Discovery at Brandriff Hedges' Drug Store. Large bottles 50 cents and $1.00. Bears the Signature of and As it is quite clear now that Captain Dreyfus was not guilty of the crime ascribed to him, that of giving secret state information to a foreign power, and as the French Cabinet decided on Tuesday to give him another trial it would seam now that he may be set at liberty and the punishment, if punishment there be, be inflicted on some of the officers who were so insistant on Ms being found guilty. Will it be strange if Dreyfus and his eloquent Counsel M.

Zola be brought home to give testimony against their accusers? ROSE CATARRH Is Cure Sure low Rates to Pittsburgh for Knights Templar Conclave. Elaborate arrangements are completed for the Knights Templar Conclave at Pitts burgh in October. You may enjoy it all by going on low rate tickets io be sold over Pennsylvania Lines Oc' itober 8th to 13th, inclusive. After take ing in the sights and festivities, interS: eating side trips may be made from Pittsburgh at small cost by depositing return 'coupon of Pittsburgh tickets i 'A 4" Ck 1 jj Q3T 1 TPi.l^J£k-r>r«M- A fTOYlfc Hay Fever, Catarrh and Cold in the Head. ASK YOUR DKUGG1ST FOR IT, AND TAKE NO OTHER.

good thev Button Pressing is very popular now and Cameras are sold very cheap, so are in reach of alL The $5.00 Vive is the best value for the money. We have good Cameras as low as $2.50. A few good second-hand Cameras that we traded in, will go for a very low price. You ought to investigate. Then in supplies we have everything at the lowest prices too, and all new, no old stock.

Can't we teach you how to take and make Pictures? No charge for instructions. To all my patrons I give free use of Dark forget that. A.L. THOMA, off in chase with our rifles and, guicltHi by the cry of the dogs, stumble througb the mist" and darkness over the floes After proceeding a mile or so, gradually the noise would become more and raorv distinct, and some small dark objects jumping around a 4arge yellow one, from which proceed loud hisses snarls, would appear in sight. A halt is then called to enable us tc recover our wind' after a rough tumble pursuit.

The bear in the meantime has engaged in making rushes at the dogs, ono of whom, with his tail tucked between his legs and looking as if he had seen things he would gladly forget, runjj up to where we are standing. We then separate and advance iron. opposite points until within about tea yards of our game, my rule being to approach the animal until the outlines of his head could be distinctly made out. He appears to be a little undecided as to whether to charge us or to beat a retreat, but a dog, taking advantage oi his indecision and encouraged by our presence, makes insolent remarks almost in his ear, and the beur dashes round tc retaliate. At the same moment two shots ring out, and poor Mr.

Beur rolls over dead. Ono of uft then returns to the hut to bring out a sledge paity to haul him in. We drag him into a canvas hut. reserved for bear skinning during the dark Cut in Two The Price of his Half Hose. We will offer today and tomorrow 1200 pair of Men's Tan and Black Half Hose at 5c per pair.

12 pairs for 5O cents ED PENCE, The People's Clothier, Opposite Post Office. 122 N. Main St. Optician. Piqua, O.

COAL! Phone 521. C. ST ATI.ER CO. COAL! ness, and remove his skin and cut up the carcass into convenient joints. The dense atmosphere caused by the rising steam iu the intensely cold air suggests a laundry in full swi.o Tho fluctuations in the temperature were very trying.

Frequently with the onset of a southeast gale it rose from 40 degrees below, zero to 28 degrees abovt. within our garments which had previously been frozen a hard as sheets of galvanized iron, so that it took us hours to get into them to a state of noisome moistness, and everything inside the tent would be in a condition of drip. Down again woulc go the temperature, and therockiness of our clothes and equipment would be increased. This addition of moisture and ice in our clothes, besides being inconvenient and uncomfortable, greatly increased our weights. To give an instance, my militza (fur jumper), which tin leaving the hut weighed a little under 10 pounds, on our return scaled nearly 30 pounds.

The rises of temperature and consequent wet in the tent caused our furs to rot, and the stench made thereby was absolutely "Days In the Arctic," by Frederick G. Jackson, in Harper's Magazine. The Direct JLiiie from Dayton, Cincinnati, LOUISVILLE, MEMPHIS, NEW ORLEANS, JACKSONVILLE, AStiEVILLE, FLORIDA. TEXAS, and the SOUTH. CINCINNATI LINE trains daily DETROIT to CINCINNATI.

5 trains every weekday TOLEDO to CINCIN1UT INDIANAPOLIS Jas. Ward Keyt, Attorney-et-Law and Notary Public. Office over Clotliing Store. Ornamental; Alao Useful. Mrs.

awful nice spoons them are! madam. They are oui very latest designs. Mrs. they to eat fruit with? are souvenir spoons madam. Mrs.

a dozen. Our French cook makes elegant souvenir. New York Weekly. LINE, trains every weekday from DEROIT and TOL.EDO to INDIANAPOLIS. Vestrtmled Sleeping Cars on night trains Parlor on day trains.

C. WINANS.Div. Pass. Agent, Toledo, OOS WftGSrAFF.Ora'lTrav. A gt, Toledo, O.

G' EDWARDS, Passenger Trnffic Manager JolmCGeyer Attorney-at-Law- 3m North Main Street. Special attention given to the settlement of estates..

The Piqua Daily Call from Piqua, Ohio (2024)
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