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SI a Itaan a WRN i 4 4 1 WRN pun i f1 I A 1 bSS 5iht iW ft 'l 1 M6 6 fe tW 1 esa It wa rg sf i ft Three Held forTheft of Meat Judge? Alien ft Pannetti at Juneau Monday held for trial in thecircpit court three men who were chargedith the theft' of quantity ofsinok ed meat from a smoke house on one of the farms recently The three men are Joe and Howard Cra villion fend Marvin Bahnke of Green BayBaiP in the case of each was set at two thousand" dollars the two Cravilliohs' were be ing held in the county jail at Juneau Bahnke was (being sought by the authorities Monday a man who claimed to be a Green Bay attorney presented himself at the 4 and asked permission to confer with the Cravillionsft He was almost immedi ately recognized as the missingmem ber of the trio He was escorted to a place behind the bars and later taken to court "i 43 Vestiges' of Old ort Remain' A remnant of fort which iKr have recently been issued by Chester 'tic ftMilkers has' established himself Mft Stanton county clerk here and is located at 711 Spring v'f 1 wi A erf "ft Throughout the 90 years of its histoW'rin many ways with' the residents of 2 4 JMI! Jessie of Iroquois 'county is the first ever to be nomi nated for the office of judge in Illi nois it is reported We had to have a first (Last publication Noy 4) State of Wisconsin Court Podge In the matter" of the of HOWARD MULVANEY iDeceased Letters of administration ihaVing been i issued ta Gharles Daniel in te estate Ed ward Mulvaney Deceased late of the7 City of (Beaver in said tv'Jf JY i Notice herebyi frefi i that 11 claims against the said Edward (Mui vaneyj deceaseddate of ithe City Go JBeaver Dam? Dodge County Wis eop sin must've presented to said County Court at Juheau in' saidCdiirity on tor before the' 15thday ofebruary 1938 or be barred and that all sijeh' claims demands will bo ejcajn ined and adjusted at ta term of said (Court' to be held at 'theCpurt the City of Juneau in said Countyon riday the 19th day of ebruary 1938 at 10 in forenoon of said day' e' Dated October 15 1937 "the EH NABER County Judge i Healy Healy Attorneys 1 Vi i ii nV i ii Stat The following ftare the high scores' of the Skat Tournament held in this city oh Monday eveningxof this week: iS KaX feEKEiaER' Osteopatliic Physician PhoneC18 108 rW SV Cl' Surgeon' Phone 1 1 Insure1 for "1938'fb be'safe' SG Baker 217 'hird st Dam 1 See me about the cost of Building 'f54'19 Carpenter General Contractor Phone Ill WilhutMvfeS The way td deliver ther finishing blow to diphtheria in im munize 'each and every child who had reached Jor' passed nine (months of age land keep each newcomers to the ranks of our cduld I I It is simple enough to be ''express ed in a few words but it will require great determination carry out If any state can do it' Wisconsin diphtheria deaths in Wisconsin jast ear which were just 16 too many in "the light' of our knowl edge that immunization against this deadly disease jsypfdctical and inex lehsiveAl'jt These deaths prove thatdespite splendid progress against diphtheria the germ' of the disease is still present in the' state menace to all who have not received the' pro tection of immunization? During the monthsof life a breastfed infant enjoys a natural im munity from diphtheria throughits mother but at the age of nine months this immunity has faded and be supplanted by the immunization that medical science has provided' jin 1881 the1 state population was about half of vits present size no less than 2202 diphtheria deaths occurred in 'Wb0111 ln 1928 the' toll dropped t6j 100 deaths for the first time and in 1935 our immuniza tion activities "were rewarded by the record low of ll diphtheria deaths' only seven of Which were at ages less than 120 years 'J i This is no time' to relax" our Vigil ancer kgainst4 diphtheria Each 'com munity in the state owes itself an immunization program operating on a vear to year basis" if fc rj ji Wisconsin Makes 73' per Cent of Limbiiyger Cheese 'More than 73 per eent bf the Lim burger cheese i produced in the United States last year was made in Wiscon sin according to the latest informal ti on just released by the crop report ing service of the Wisconsin and UnitedStates departments of agri culture' j1'': Each year dairy plants in the state make annual production Jreports 'to the crop reporting service According to the report from the factories mak ing Limburger cheese the pro duction last year was about' 27 per cent greater than the prev ious year 7 I Green county alone produced over 60 per cent of the Limburger cheese made in the state during 1936 Three counties cin the I state Green' Dodge and Dane produced about'85 per ce it of the Wisconsin output of Limburger cheese 4 GT ul? According to the crop reporting service about 5303485 7 pounds I of Limburger cheese were made in Green county last year? Dodgecounty which ranks second" produced 1153 323 pounds and Dane' county ranks third with 954137 pounds 7 a i rx 1 OrGeoHCHoyerMD Ofice 112 4 ront St Phone 151 Phone rlSl R1 (Last publication ll)' Slate of Wisconsin County 1 i Dodge County In the Matter of the Estate JayJ Hollingsworth Deceased'1 Letters of Administration with? annexed having beenissued to'Geo Hx HoIlingsworth in thedstate of Jennie Hollingsworth (Jateiof the Beaver Dam in said County Notices is hereby giveniliat all claims against the said Jay J' Holl ingsworth late of' the city of Beaver pam in Dodge County Wisconsin must be presented to said County Court at Juneau in said Coun ty qn or before the 22nd day of eb ruary 1938 or be barred and that all uch claims and demands wiU be examined and adjusted at term of said Court to be held at the court house in the city' of fn said on esdayf first day1' of at ld intthe fcre noon of said day ipated Gctober 26 1937 1 7'i XMtxi ju sjcnwnacner Attorney XT RANDOLPH jA X't7 4 4 4 'S (Last publication Nov 4) State of Wisconsin County i Dodge: County In the matter of the'Estate 'LOUISE 'BARTSCH Deceased Letters of administration having1 been issued to Arnold A Bartsch ifi the estate of LouiseBartsch deceas ed late of tjie cityt of Beaver Dam in said CoUnty Notice is hereby given' that all Claims against the said Louise Bartsch deceased late 'of the city' of Beaver Dam Dodge must be presented to said County Court Juneau Jin said'' County on or ber fore the 28th day of ebruary 1938 or be barred and that all such clairp and demands will bej examined and adjusted at a term of said Court to be held I at the court' house inihe city of Juneau in said County bn Tuesday the 1st day March 1938 at 10 in the forenoonof 'said day ft 15x1837 By the Court NABER' ft County Judge Sk upniewitz Lueck At torheys 7 7 Gybs at DePere Suiiay '5? i Edward Khlmanreturned here Monday from" Juneau af tean 1 Mr and Mrs Bert Mcboy dir Sac visited withj friendsinih1 city "Mrsl JEL Roth of jwell jwaSa guest ofMrs jWJillsohyaster day4 XC5C: 77 and Miss Jane Lewis iwere 'Milwaukee visitors Sun WA" fcj i Entered at the Post Office at BeaverDam Wis as second class matter SERV1CETA1LOK1IG wk tss CoitB Relined aud Repair ing annKelimng Also f'ii "I Insure for 1938 to be safe? SG Baker 217 Third St Beaver Dam (Last jpubli cation Nov 11) State of Wisconsin County Court Dodge County In the Matter of the Estate of Jeil41iex TTollirffrqwnrt h' lcwiaazx4' 7 Administration having been fasuedLq GepH Hollingsworth the estate of tjpnnie Hollingsworth lateof the cityagfBeaver'Dam in said countyi 7 Notice is hereby given that all claims against the said Jennie Holl ingsworth deceased 'late of the jcity of Beaver Dam inDodge County Wisconsin: must be presented to saic County at the Court House in the city of Juneau in said Coun ty on or before the 22rid day of eb ruary 1938 or ibe barred and that all such claims and demands will be examined and adjusted at a "Court be held' at the 4couri house in th(e city Juneau in saic County on Tuesday the first day 'of maren iyjaj at iu o'clock the fore noon of said ft ft XDated October 22 1937? ft? 7 By Order of the Court ZvCounty Judged Earl Schumacher Attorney 0 0 O' 1 ft The Lindberghs' might as stay away until after Christmas have them qnpur list Ti if MILWAUKEEroad I jfe 2 Club solo 466 TomHonian Beaver 3 Dr Geo Djvbr Osteopathic Physician and romance a betwixt and between Geannie the hafcT woitkin office' lassie at Beaver Dam hnd Don aid Sutherland Zopkeminent at the Poynette studios 6f 7 WlIlBUi' Every day Sutherland calls Beaver Dam to to one of the However he manages 7 toft callf at noontime when none is there Except Geonnie tsk 't tsk Mil waukee pa pers please SThe Wisconsin Radio Network through the Madison Studios ofWL BU will present a brilliant radio vers ion of William' and Thursday October 28thfrom 8:45 to 9:45 ft This pro gramwillbe released'through lhe fa cilities of WIBU WHBY and' KIZ In the cast will beft Dennis Wood as Romeo Juliet will bepor7 trayed byVirginia ields "Hal will be 'Merchtio Paul Hunter as Ty boltRoss Hart will appear as Ro cousin Doris MacPhef son will be nurse and Donald Slither land Zook will 'his as riar Lawrence Dennis Wood is directing the play which' he has adapted for radio 7 A esh an seeond hdnd fruit and vegetableauction will" b3 heldaf te the final curtainl 7V 7 ft a Listen to 7ttfnShine Hbtitfon the air every Thursday jinbrilinr from 11:15 to pro gram eaturing the and anusie of the Rangers and guest stars is dedicatedto the s'hut in in hospitals and sanitariums and shut ins every where This an all request prd ootball is in the air Saturday aft ernoon at 1:50 Wisconsin battles Northwestern at Camp Randall jn Madison WIBU will on hand to giveyou' an eye witness description of the game Art' former Chicago Cardinal backfield manand how a brilliant shortstop for the Mad ison Blues will reports the game sf or the Wisconsin Radio Network arm7? Loan A5 special meetingof the Beaver Dam National arm Loan association attended by 125 was held attlie city1 hall last evening Alois Hartl president'of thq group presided and representatives rom Cambria Ran dolph' Columbus Watertown Rufol 1 conJuneau) Mayville Waupun ox Lake all River' Reeseville Water loo and this city "were in attendance ft Speakers of the evening fricluded' VV Mulligan of Portage secre tary of the Dell association thef Co lumbia county farm loan group1' who is also secretary' the Wisconsin ederation of NationaP'hrm Loan association He the benefits to be clerived through frorti theassociatiohJJhhdgave assurance of'' continued low rate of 'interest Price Landt president of the Dells association and also a esident ft Portage' complimented the local group on their plan of meeting which was 'differentfrom that' of the? Co lumbia association 'William 'Hall of this cityalso addressed the group 77? Edward Kathe of Reeseville "a di rector of the 'group' extended an invitation on the ipart of the local organization of which he is also a member' to hold its first annual meet ing iherp on November 9th It is likely that the invitation "'will becepted 'About fifty became members of the state organization at last 'night's meeting Stoddart 117 LaCrosse street is secretary of the Beaver Dam arm Loan association New Manufacturing Industry to Be Located at Beaver' Dam 1 Negotiations are under way at this writing' relative to locating the Mon arch of Minneapolis Minn here at BeavOr Dam: ft Stephen lofral attorney who 'is counsel for the battery company sta this de ci sionj was reached provided ignitable arrangements' for location cSae made? The baiSy to be manufactured 3sg a new innovation in the battery fields Iti Jprroc essbc plate battery whicR by actualtests improves with and of a two apd one half year battery for pleasure cars Twill give least years serve conserve ativelyt and commercial car service isproportioriatelygreaterThisnew prpcessingftis the resultof ten years experimentation by battery expertsr ire Prevention A' first prizeof 'ten dollars was awarded to Helen Hammer Route 2 in the fire prevention contest spon sored by local business establish ments during fire prevention week Second prize of? went' to Theresa' Maygar 922 third prizeof three dollars to Effie Mae Gloudemans 225 Third street fourthprize! of one dollar toMade lyn Adam 412 5 Burnett street and fifth Iprizebf one dollar to 1 Haider 615 SJftSpring street ifollpwing were given honorable mention and aticket of admisisonj to the a theater Theodora Schaffer! 124? Southstreet Janis 'Johnson 1 15cBogart street Schingo 305 Park avenue Im spade turne against 4 42 120 The next tournament will 'be held at the Hopf tavern in this city Monday evening November 8th The annual tournament of the county association will be held in the Ri verside hall at Kekoskee November 7th 1 ixty fiyersquare miles 7 rbSljeonThl r' 1 Ji Stanley' Brzezinski Beaver Dam iowski Beaver Darn1 'r 7 Christian town 'of Ther ft 'T Zimmerman town tresa4 Mil ton J' Krahn? of Helen Schultz town of Lomira 8 ft 4 "3 4 Hiv Communities Must EliminateXiKefyEmploblesv Wisconsin local governments a mu st look toward eliminating on relief rolls as a means of reducing Any substantial! decreases an the num: nshed by theWisconj Taxpayers Alliance The Alliance figuresshdyfed that the total number of cases on outdoor relief in Wisconsin decreased 31 per cent between' January and June of this year but the? Alliance estimated that 98 per cent of the reduction repre7 sented cases 3 outdoor relief in Wisconsin dropped from 46157 to 31 717 cases or more 31 per cent from January to June 1937 The de crease included 14128 employable and only 312 (unemployable cases a part of this 31 per cent decline was dueto' a regular seasonable fluc tuatiori high relief case? loads alwaysoccur in winter months' low case Toa'ds in summer months Comparison of outdoor relief cases June 1 93 7 with the sametirogram in ctihe previous June reveals a decrease from 35240 qaesdn Jifne 1936 to 31717 cases Jh June J937 a drop of ten per The Alliance bulletin stated: ft total ease 'load 'also showed a decrease "jThe total case load all welfare1 programs dropped from 179803 cases inJanuary tor 139744' eases dn 1937 a decline of223per cent ftp ft in" the total welfare but not a in outdoorrelief casesare re lief: chses ip transient campsWiPA cases receiving social security aid? CCC or rural 'reha'bilitation figuresalthough not 'avail able insdetail indicate dption jinreUef5Joadftftft: available figures show that the outdoor relief case loads for the state? are approximately 6000 cases lower this year than last romAu gus 1 936 to' August 1 93 7 the outs door case from to 27540 casesorl70 percent The Aqgusts1937 dutdoor relief case load was 40 per cent below the January figure 18 per cent lower than the June 1 i 7 Sons CoC 1 ft ft in Holland? ffjiitlandftft' 5 KelpAlbum bf the great 1 riVsrmmav a Myers ft Pioneers and their Petersham: Story I books of iron and steel c'Oalahd' oil 4 fun tb build things Ardund' the' world in' a mail 'Whitford Art stories ory oUhg '5t Cmuidtfcs Old Custom in Broadcasts? tasty old country rec ipes and othey traditions dose to the hearts of their forefathers who left their native lands do pioneer in the developments of W5sconsin wril fbe sung and told hy groups from several communities in a of coun try broadcasts tbbe? given over state radio stations Wil A WLBL during Novembers and December 7 The Daleyville community Dane county wil the series on Tues day iNovemberfij wfiendtsresidents wil Igive program of their native' Norwegian folk songs readings reci music? Huesday 'Novem ber 23 will be Bbhemiah Daj when folks from1 Yuba Rhland 'county WIU VOC11 Xiuua VZ4eVILS il XUil vest if estival With' customs and foods explained Tuesday December 14' wil Ibeft rench 'Dav when the rench descendants of Blue iRiver community Grant 'cpuntypxesept mns tmas music Garman? Day V'has beeir set' Mr? fatworter Spring Green wm yen oyer the fro to 10:45 a in binder the direction of Mrs Arline Hazard home ram announcerftrilowingJthpirpihgam each 'groupwil Imake aft tour of thg Uhiversity o'f Wisconsin campus where they Will observe "first harfd the work andTictiyities ofstudents from their comm'tiru ties at the state ArefeLiechtenstein aprincipality on Wf THE ARGW Beayer Dam? Wisconsin A Weekly Democratic Newspaper ft "ft 1 A rZAi Thursday CktoEer lOgZi 1 pur Miss Lucille HaMfiMflapkee Tfi visited in the dtjr Sunday eter Brown MayyiUeSCftftftNorma Benack town hif Williams' Carl Knoll tbwn'of i Muenzel town Edward Cook Honcon ft Adeline CL Bette Juneau William ox Elsie Gatlow Markesan Kenneth Parker Beaver Dam' Dorothy Roberts Beaver Dam Adolph Giese town of Theresa 7" Evelyn jibnbw'tbwn of Theresa rederick Kaulitzxtown of Hustis Mildred Bergemann? tbwri bf' Hus tisf OTd 553 Hi ht George Washington asked the Brit ish to build 173 years go Ito protect i the western frontier'stands in the? shadows of Pittsburgh skyscrapers" rt "7 'X S'tr ft" a Balloon Ascension at Coronation A balloon ascension is recorded at the coronation of the 1 Chinese ecn perbr Kien in 13O6 a CjftjELECTOidANilX Wiring ft ixtures Mazda Lamps 1 "i Al JkX 'ft? a fe 4xNuvive JB inexAjDjr given' inatBi i i aij VrJpJrAwlU term of said Court 'to be held on'ri ir'5 ft" 7' sWrp AVTO AU wts ii Per Year in Advance 7 BEAVER DAM STUDIO WIBU 1 yft ft ft ft Weekly cheduiefe 5210 Kilocycles 7250 Watts ft 00 7 :06 Morri ing (Round up Seed and eedlk Basket i IriJX 12:30 I Orchestra S' Seed and eed) 1 :30 Dolly Pat and Audrey XBesit Wheat lour)' a 2:30 3:00 ft Dodge1' 'County' Questfor Talent (The Model) i 4 (Pinto Pete 3 ft Wenz Co) ft' a 4:45 5:00 'Swing MONDAY a ftAMA 6 00 7 00 Morning Round up (Mayr Seed and t' 'ftz 7 :00 Market Basket 8:00 Sifris cjJRangers: WRN (Sims Malt 'Wheat) rft 9: 30 9: 45 WR'N i 7t' 11 :30 ll :45 German Music r(Pif bt Ber) ft ft VV 4 7 TUESDAY ft ft A 6: 00 7 0 Morning Round up RapyI anrl EaaAI ft 1 7 :00 Market 8j00 8:30 iSims Ranger 7 (Sims Malt Wheat) i WEDNESDAY ft 'ft A i 6 00 7 Morning Round up Seed and eed!) 7:00 8:00 Market Basket I 8:00 8:30 Sims' WRN (Sims Malt iWheat) ft' 8:30 Dance Time Arigus' Community Hour iNivwits ft Mt ft'ft ft 2:15 2: WRN THURSDAY ft' 0 'ftAv 1 ft 77? 6:00 Mor ning Round up seed and eed) ft 7:00 8 Market Basket 8:00 Sims Rangersl ft(Sims Malt OJWheqt) 11:15 11 Sunshine Hour 8 ft RIDAY i Mft 4 ft 6 0Q? 7 00P Mbrning iRound! up o6Cd Jr 7:00 800 Market Basket 8 :00 8:30 ftiSims a 'Rangers (iSims Malt OJWheat) "in fl Nrit Wntq WRN? 11:00 11:45 Waupun i Cofiimunity ft Hour (Van Trio) ft 7 eft 7 SATURDAY 7 ft 4 a 6:007 :00 Morning (Round up' Seed and eed1) ft ft ft 7 7:00 8:00 Market Basket 'ft 8:00 8:30 Sims Rangers WRN(Sims Malt Wheat) ft 4 8 4 Pancake Puzzle (OdeonTheatre and WIBU) WRN Wisconsin RadioNetwork (WIBU KIZ WiHBY) 7 i ftp £7 hi 57Z rj: "1 7 David Edmund Welch (Tl? who ft made his home bn a farm near punft was fatally injured in ah hcci '5 dent on the farm Saturday afternoon He was attractor at the time and was crushed beneath it when he either from the seat or Kthe seatftbroke off There were ho eye'7i witnesses1 to sad He was' Born on the farm where he died and is survived by four da broth er The funeral services were held Tuesday morning with in ft terment fnGal vary cemetery at Wau" 7 v' vftX Charles Wolberg of East Waiipun appeared in Judge court Monday and entered a plea of guilty to a charge of carrying a loaded shot gun on' a hand car He was? fined fify' dollars and the cost 1 ft jl lOJ rowt Mrs rak Evans and son? rank Mrs Bartol went to Mihyau 7 kee Monday where Mrs jMike Bbrtol is remaining for a Mr and Mrs ftBuzrnski and ft MisjAlex Duzinski attended uneral 7services for Mrs: Piehl of Chh 7 rcago at Weyauwega Tuesday ft Miss Blanche McDermott returned to her home in Pewaukee the first ft? of the week' folio win an extended visit with relatives here' ft tS i fl Mr Joseph Bartol was taken to theSoldiers 'Home hospital ifi Milwau kee 'Mondaywhere £he Jis receiving medical i treatment' ft Mr and Mrs PClay ton Neilson Tuesday on their return trip to their' homePfet MemphisTenn" ft Tfteyhave been spending two1 weeks with rhH tives and friends: Jn the cityft'ft 'Z Mr Henry ft Lewis? Mr and Mrs Lawrence ft 7 tended funeral services "for the lSf' ralnk of Rochester ox Lake Sunday ft ft 7 I BZinke 'who hashefih spending six weeks Ju? the xityasfa guest of his imother Mrs Ci Zinke returned to his home ih? Hollywood' Call Sunday 7 'ft ft ft flL £ft ftfMessrsy Malone Jl CCasey andi Dr ft 0 Leatherberry jwbfscf Madison Monday where ft a i meeting? of theWisconsin Racing association ft gv ftsft4 U5 ft ft Make this papbr youb pper? Send us your news ft 1 i Physician and Surgeon ft ftftftOffiee Telephone 155 W7 7 109 OURTHST 7 4ft" Residence Telephone 155 ft Woolf A room of owri ft 4: ft iction Baldwin: Twenty fa ur hours' aday I Bassett: Shining headlands ft Bower Pirates of the range ft ft Bromfieid The? rains came Burt: WHen beggars choose? ft Christiei 'Poiroit client (buriiSlcycpilot 1 TheTangwqrtily amilyz Cronin The jtadel Ertz hearts to break arieohf Humming bird? ft ro me pseud The black the? lame canary "Garnett: Lady £ofox Gill: Heartwood ft 7 Gregory Dark galley' I i HurstonjiTheir byes 'were watching? Stornrgirl 7 Marquand Thinik fast4 Mr Mbto ft: Miller: jStprimoybr Eden? jMbntgomejhne of antenf ilili ftNorriV'You dhirt havp' everyth ing ift Paul of ''Spanish' nAxrn'ft 'i i Salmin'eh Stevenson Miss Death by irijv'itation? "Tuttle: Bluff 14 luck'' ft "Wentworth: pb wnUnder ft Wqdehoufeeft Blanding Castle' ft X'JWbdlfr Voyag out ft ft' Zugsmith: Home is where you hang your childhood and (other stories ft' Books 1'7 ft Ackley: How to make marionettes 'Beaty Stoty pictures of 'f 'x 7 JBeskow: Pelles' hew 1 a 7 Carpenter: World with the children ft 'itts: Enemy mouse 7 lora: The tanglewood animals" earner: Ezekiel ft ft Hay: Happy days JayThe twins in Burning offtHay tZ Stacks ft Deputy State ire Marshal A Klug is (Conducting a ninvestigation into the burning' of i several hay stacks on the Arthur 'Pieper farm the town of Burnett last week Satur day The stacks wee located at the edge of the and there is indication that theft firC hal been elsewhere jn thnarslrandthen spread to the stacks as wouldhaye beeri the case had th 'ijrei beenac cideptally caused by on' the' marsh It appear that each stack was set fire to for that reason i matter 'is being investigated by the state department (w in Vp Subscribe for The Argus ft ft Cail for: ormalVVear 7 a bi to diSocieta' on invitations means formal a fl (last publication Nov 4) ft State of Wisconsin County ftlv'CourtDodge' County? the matter of the estate of ARTHUR PDANKEL Deacesd 4X Letters of administration having been' issued to Henry ftPlankel and Mary 'Plankel Jri: the estate? of Arthur1 Plankel deceased Jate of the city of Beaver Dam in said County 1 Notice is i hereby given "that all claims against the said Plan kel deceaesed late of the of Beaver Dam Dodge County Wiscon sin must be presented to said County Court at Juneau in said County 'on or before the 28th day of ebruary dr be barred and that all such claimsndftdemands will be examined and adjusted 'at ar term of said Court to be held at the court house in the city ft of Juneau' in said County ion Tuesday the 1st day of March 1938 at 10 in the forenoon of said day ftftDatedOc'tbbgr nSTgS? A a 1 I v'L i Lueck SkUpniewitz Lueck Plain Attorneys The following neW books ewill be placed iii 'circulfetidif at the Williams Library Saturday? October Ar4utectui orum Editors of: 1 The 1938" book" of small hdusesft Beers Burke Stehobl auditorium programs'Collins: Wild life of our world Grow Carlf'ourhundred millioh eustomers5 3 v7T ftCrpw 7ftWonsiili national inter ftDayr Lifewith DellquestBurt's coin book Depew rCbkeury'iparty book i J8ook of maryels? HiUftpourty? dneiishin facts ft ftKarneyRiddles and conundrumsKniffinr How to your bank? Lunt: Everyday electricity MantleHed: Best plays of 1936 193704 Maxorix ftParties ftt May The 'Canning'Clan a pageant Modern Priscilla en tertainingi 7 Olcott: Good stories for anniversary iesS ft Palmer Alpher: 40000000 guinea pig children' Paxson: Recent history the Unit ed States? 'A diplomat's "wife ihexico 77r 'fts l'RbWrts iftffimellif'Sid 'bettifc: ade easy a ft Smolka 4000(5 rArttic ft Tesslri'ftiHpyf1 to lose' friends and "alienate people 7 4 5 Thomson science Townsend: Carpentry XVah Loon: The arts 'ft a 'Astronomyforthe millions fl 'fti 7 byair and and sea'J 7 a A a 300 THIRD 8TRE rv ftlMiJEBMiSAlW Iftg ATmEYiATSLa 100 5 ront' 7 Telephone 474 Ivv A Beaver Pamr Ww 4 4 ix ''sU'v' ui The Milwaukee Road has coopexated the oommunitie it serves1 rpr m7' xBy pxding coxistanfly Improving 'railservice at the 'lowest prac ticahle rates Aft I fl'7 fl By aiding In the development of these communities andof the sections between them ft: A Hr a vaaAnmu ntrrjiHiAnff nt ihftTAffiATl A tftNOTVOMt A 2 'ft lines rirfliaBy sharingthrough large tax payments the cost of mamtedxiing Qfttft schools highways andlocal government 7P By aidifigdistaessed sections Inj time of jkonghLrlft me vnuta mwvm ArvAmvesvamw siaa vn 'orw mu iih nine vrinr wix AUDI AB WV MM SJUA MAD nillHiri eb MVeaM VIM WW wrvr 'x i your patronage of the railroad when traveling or shipping in recognition' Howard Zwieg ft 20 12 18 ft525Her ct its service Aflec 1 man orrauss Koinng vraine 9 3 16 Pullina toaefher is aood InuiheM for wi and for vCuft Only through your 'ft? ftft7fi47 EriBaskfieldBeaver Dam 1 to ALfl a ft' (Last publication Nov 4) ft State? oft Wisconsin 'iCbiijily ft Court Dodge County In the matter of the estate of LOUIS EJSCHULZEft Deceased 7 ft day "the day bf November 4937 at 10 in the forenoon of said court house in the city of Juneau' in said Countyherewill 1 heard and considered: i The application 'oIda iSchulfcWJ of the' estate' of 9Louis Eq Schulze deceased late bf th city if I BeaverftDam in examination and'allowance of 'hfer fibal account account is 'now bn file in said Court and for the allowance' of debts or claims paid' in good faith without filing or allowance as required by law and for thC assignment of the residue of the estate of said deceased to suchnersons hv hwontitloAi thereto ahd if or the determinationl es 126 LaCrosse St? and? adjudication of the inheritance 4 fl 'ft tax if any payable in Said estate ft Dated October 19 1937' I ftfft 7 By Order of the Court ::4 M' HNABER? ft ftyftCountyudge 1 Lueck Skupniewitz: Attqr '4 i 4 ft i 'V 7fe 4' ft 3s 1 1 S' v' 4 Pwuasr puDucation iMov 4)4 i4'4u i iitiJfcV 1 At nt A Af Wifinnnain 1 fViunt 1 Court Dodge County ft It Herbert gergen In" the of the estate' of: fti 'E at Law i fl JOHNM KUEHN Deceased 71 92 114 Spii Tetters 'offt Administration haYing Office Hours: a to i Deen issuea wk Amelia Auenn anauraSft'Seeleldt in the estate Kuehn deceased? late of the townorhrnettin said County: ft NotiC is? hereby given that all claims against the said John "Mi Kuehn deceased must be presented' to said County" at ft Juneau in said County nt or before the 28th day of ebruary 1938 or ft be barred and that fl all isuch" claims and demands will be examined and adjusted at a terdj of said Courtftto be held at the court bouse in the cit Jr of Juneau in said County? on Tuesday the 1st dayIfMarch 1938 Wclockin the? prencyn of aidayjK 1 WVDated October 19 19377 7 fl Order of the Court' iXE NAgBERrTf County Judge IK 'dfti XV fl tv Sr WAf i KI WS7BX: 1 K1W support are we enaixea to Keep local men empwyea ulm extensive purchases from merchants and manufacturers in your territory e' a ftto pay our heavy tax Jsil and to continue the improvement of rail service a a 4 i 1 MgMasafeifTtwt ma snip vv a 7'5 2 'a ea of only 7 Lpeck 7 Attor I 'fl i 5)5 a iwa si jW jauz MB III JI I 'fflatsasssw irLi i a 2 tti re rf TT aJ3 5 Jje3WanBtt(HaBBBnaBaET 3f? re A ftfli BpwZ a ft 7 ft ft ft ME a ft a MiMliMI i Uh M7 at 4 tW fWj ifcfti 1 i i hfs is ft Wre RS fe 4 2.

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